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Scoutmaster Conf

A Scoutmaster conference is simply a chance to talk to a Scout about how he is doing, how he feels about the troop and his role in it, how he is advancing, and how he is striving to live up to Scouting’s ideals. Consequently, a Scoutmaster conference can take place anytime and for any reason.

Some reasons to have a Scoutmaster conference may include:

  • A Scout’s lack of advancement
  • A perceived trouble between the Scout and others in the troop
  • A certain event at the last campout or troop meeting

The required Scoutmaster conferences for advancement should not be perceived any differently than any other conference. Making a Scoutmaster conference an advancement requirement affords every Scout at least one opportunity at each rank level to meet with his Scoutmaster in this personal way. Each rank involves progressively greater mastery of Scouting skills and advancing leadership growth. Therefore, the advancement Scoutmaster conferences should reflect the Scout’s increasing maturity.

Another issue to be considered at the Scoutmaster conference is the concept of Scout spirit, which is part of the advancement process.

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