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Qatar Scouts Joining Morning

Welcome back reader, Last Saturday on Sep 7 2019, troop 400 had a joining morning. So basically a joining Morning is a morning in which we invite people and their kids who want to join scouting to come see us and experience what we do. We lead them through cheers and skits, LOADS of skits! We also had a time when the adults did information on scouting and why it can help your child, It really can. It builds confidence in your child and gives them leadership skills which they can use throughout their life time!

Incase you are a reader here in Qatar, click these links down below to sign up (If you are interested, also mention the name Hamna when you join!)

Pack 400 (Cub Scouts Boys and Girls Age 7-11)

Troop 400B (Boys Scouts Age 12-18)

Troop 400G (Youth Scouts Girl Age 12-18)


Welcome to Unit 400’s Blog!

Welcome reader, I see you have found our blog section on! This blog is about Unit 400’s journey as scouts and the challenges that come with it and how we face them. As a scout we are meant to do our best and try hard, to help others at all times and we want to share the stories with you!

Stay to tuned to this blog page to find out more about us and the adventures we face!

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