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Entry 1


My name is Hamdan, I am a life scout. I want to share my scouting journey with you. We are a troop based here in Doha (Qatar). Our adventures are usually exploring the desert lands of Qatar. We go on many campouts, our campouts occur once a month and are extremely fun, some of the activities we do during our campout are cycling, hiking, geocaching, kayaking, and orienteering, we have explored the mangroves on the purple island, the umm bab beach, zakreet, and sea line beach/desert. We have camped in all these places. Some service projects we have done is planting trees at QF Park, we helped clean the mangroves on purple island, we even helped a community school build benches and my favorite was the food drive for the workers, it was my favorite because we went to a labor camp and we saw how the laborers live, it makes you realize you should appreciate what you have and not take the things you have been given for granted. It also makes you feel you really need to give the world more than you take, especially the less fortunate people out there. These are some of the things I wanted to share with you, I put some pictures down there you guys can look to see how it feels to explore the adventures in Qatar as a scout. Scouting has opened up for me a good platform to make really good friends for life.

See ya next time!

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