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Entry 4

Look who could not resist coming back and here I was thinking I should come to you. Absurd right?

Anyway today I have for you a good tale. Keep in mind this is my own adaptation of a story. A man from the English Isles named Jack was cutting stone (He was a stone cutter), Jack was thinking “if only I had more money and less work”, One day on jacks way from work he saw the sun and thought about how it was hot and it was powerful and he wished to become it, God heard Jack and made him the sun. Soon Jack saw a cloud in the sky and thought how peaceful it was and thought it must be very powerful and more powerful than the sun and wished to be it, God heard him and made him the cloud, Soon jack saw a black cloud and thought it was very powerful because it could absorb other clouds and make rivers so he wished to be the river. Jack was floating in a river when he saw a boulder and then thought “I FOUND IT I FOUND IT THE MIGHTIEST THING A ROCK” Jack wished to be a rock and god made him a rock, soon jack came across a stonecutter, the man took a rock and broke the rock, it made Jack realize that the stone cutter is the true mightiest and he wished to be it, God told him “But Jack you are the stonecutter”. The moral of this story is that you should be happy with what you are, you never truly realize your worth till you see it from a different perspective just like jack. That’s all I have for you today, I think I’m gonna take a long nap.

See you around,


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