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What’s different with a Muslim troop

So as you know I am Ibraheem from Troop 400 and I am an SPL, but one of the things you probably don’t know is that we are a Muslim troop. So, what is different from a normal Troop and a Muslim Troop?

Well, the difference between a Muslim scout and a normal scout is that Muslim scouts have Islamic morals involved in their scouting lives. What I mean by Islamic morals are things such as, when we go camping or do scouting activities we set our schedules based on our prayers, for example, if we need to cook we decide that we need to start and finish cooking before this prayer and after the prayer, we will eat and start cleaning up. Another way we try to practice our Islamic morals is by trying to relate the scout oath and law with the Islamic principals. All of those points in the scout law are completely related to our Islamic principals, such as the points of trustworthiness and reverence. Another way we live our Islamic values with scouting values is by not using bad words during our camps and meetings. Last but not least during camps, activities, and meetings we always involve Islamic teaching and how to use that teaching within our scouting lives.

So, here are the differences between an Islamic Boy scout Troop and a normal Boy scout Troop. To learn more about Islamic and scouting please check the link below.

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